Welcome to GrapeVine!

Grapevine has a two-part mission.

Supporting the community of Catholic artists is the first part of GrapeVine's mission. Recognizing that proclaiming the Gospel through the arts can be challenging and at times isolating, GrapeVine seeks to build fellowship and friendship amongst all Christian artists which would then encourage a generous sharing of talents and knowledge, leading to further growth and excellence.

Recognizing the power of the arts to encourage and evangelize, the second part of GrapeVine's mission is to expose all these art forms to as many people as possible, that their hearts may be touched and encouraged by the Gospel message they proclaim.

Catholic Artist Interviews!

Visit our Interviews page to listen to interviews with Catholic artists. These interviews aired on the Catholic Music Express. More interviews will be added each week as they air on the show. We've had a lot of input from our other supporters for religious dating. See here if you need a Match Maker's Dating, this is offered from our best sites for sex in your area and www.AdultHookup.org.