Lent and Easter

Nick Alexander's New Video - This Time of Forty Days

Just in time for Lent, Nick Alexander completed production of this video for his song "This Time of Forty Days" available on his CD I Want To Be Debated. The CD is available on Nick's website HERE.

Rose Augustine: Special Songs for Special Times

Rose Augustine created this CD to showcase songs for special occasions, as the title implies. For the Lent/Easter season, songs include "Give Praise to the Risen Lord", "Alleluia, He is Risen", and "Hosanna, Hosanna, Jesus is Risen".

The CD also features songs for weddings, Advent, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day.

Visit Rose Augustine's website at RoseAugustine.com. The CD is available through CDBaby.com.

Katrina Rae: Passion Walk Meditation

2005 Spoken Word Album Of The Year

This 35 minute long spoken word CD is a beautiful and moving meditation on the Passion of Jesus. Enter the gates of Jerusalem and witness the trial, the scourging, the crowning with thorns, the crucifixion, Jesus' death on the cross and the laying of Jesus in the tomb. Katrina uses the Seven Words from the Cross, the Stations of the Cross and historic content to take you through the day of our Lord's Passion. This is such a spiritual meditation that you will actually feel like you are there.

Contains Bonus Song: We Shall See Him As He Is

Purchase your copy at KatrinaRae.com.

Lynn Geyer: Journey to Forgiveness

Accepted for use during WYD2002, Toronto and in group or personal prayer, "Journey to Forgiveness" is an introspective examination of conscience focusing on forgiveness. It speaks in youthful dialogue reflecting on the Stations of the Cross and how to use Jesus' profound example of forgiveness in our lives today.

The 17 song CD, which is included, received 8 nominations from UCMVA.

Purchase your copy at ColorBlindMusic.com.