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Richard Schletty: Sleep Baby Sleep and Child of Eternal Love

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Byzantine Choir of Greece: The Glory of Byzantium: Christmas Hymns
Eileen Carr: A Mother, A Child
Glenn Mohr Chorale: A Star Still Shines
Interior Castle: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Richard Schletty: Sleep, Baby, Sleep and Child of Eternal Love

December 9, 2009

Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

"Sleep, Baby, Sleep" is an original composition by St. Paul native Richard Schletty and his brother, Christopher Schletty, with arrangement help by Andre van Haren.

This is a beautiful lullaby that would sound wonderful with a choir backup at Midnight Mass. Richard has several variation of this lullaby available, including piano & voice, and Spanish version, "Duerme, Nino, Duerme".

"Child of Eternal Love" - text and music by Richard Schletty, arrangement b Andre van Haren. Includes music for piano, guitar, flute, and five string parts.

Richard Schletty is a cantor and musician at St. Mary's Catholic Church in St. Paul, and also served for many years at St. Matthew's Catholic Church, also in St. Paul. Richard also sings in local coffee shops and other programs, and composes music. He is a member of the Minnesota Association of Songwriters and the Catholic Association of Musicians.

For information on these songs and other works by Richard, email him at [email protected].

Visit Richard Schletty's website at

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The Byzantine Choir of Greece: The Glory of Byzantium: Christmas Hymns

November 30, 2009

Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the sound of chant, whether it be Gregorian, Russian, or in this case, Byzantine chant. The Byzantine Choir of Greece sings the various selections acappella, as chant should be. The music is from the 17th and 18th centuries, composed by Petros Bereketis, Hourmouzios Hartofylax, Petros Lampadarios, and Petros Peloponnisios and others.

If you are a lover of chant, or you know someone who is, you might consider's gift idea. They offer a gift basket of foods made by monks of the Northwest that also include a CD of chant. Find out more at

For additional information about Jade Music and to see a list of our albums and artists, please visit:

Track Listing:

1/ Kontakion, Mode 3rd
2/ Three Hirmoi in the first Mode
3/ Doxastikon 4th Plagal Mode - Glory Be To The Father
4/ Kathisma, Sessional Hymn 4th Mode
5/ Canticles (Hirmoi) Of The 1st Canon
6/ Stichiron Idiomelon In 2nd Plagal Mode
7/ Stichiron Idiomelon In 2nd Mode And Verses Of The Great Doxology
8/ Communion Chant In 1st Mode
9/ Troparia In 2nd Plagal Mode
10/ Exapostilarion, 3rd Mode
11/ Doxastikon, 1st Plagal Mode
12/ Stichiron Idiomelon, 2nd Plagal Mode
13/ Apolytikion, 4th Mode
14/ Dismisall Hymn, 4th Mode Chromatic
15/ Hirmos Calophonique, 1st Mode

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Glenn Mohr Chorale: A Star Still Shines

November 8, 2009

Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Recently I had the priveledge of speaking with Glenn Mohr and learning about this very talented man and the chorale started as a result of Pope John Paul II. Glenn told me how, as an organist and choir director, he had been working with a choir from a church in Long Island where he worked. After several years, the choir had decided they wanted to go on one of those trips that gives choirs the opportunity to peform at different location in Rome. But before the choir could go, Glenn felt that, due to some difficulties with that job, he had to leave and take a new job at another church. The choir came to him and begged him to help them in their goal to travel to Rome. He did, and among the various concerts was one for Pope John Paul II.

Glenn told me he had attended a private Mass in the Papal Apartments with the Holy Father and about 25 other people. The Pope greeted him afterwards, and Glenn told him that his chorale would be performing for him that afternoon at the Papal Audience. Later, after the audience, as Glenn and the choir were standing by the barricades, the Pope came over to Glenn and shook his hand and praised him for the choir and the beautiful music they had sung. That encounter sealed their fate--they had to keep going beyong Rome with this choir. That was on June 1, 1999.

Glenn and their choir have released several CD's of their performances, and have performed again this year in Rome, and have sung at Lincoln Center in New York City. Their concerts are not just the choir singing -- they are musical plays. They have a number of programs they perform at various locations. For example, the Lincoln Center peformance on November 7th was called "The Hidden Heart", and is based on the life of newly-canonized St. Jeanne Jugan.

The Chorale has released their first Christmas CD, entitled "A Star Still Shines", which comes from the lyrics of one of the songs, "A Wiseman's Carol". There are some familiar Christmas favorites here, plus some original compositions by Glenn. Some of the favorites include a "Christmas Hymn Medley", which features "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Away in a Manger", and "Angels We Have Heard on High", as well as "Silent Night" and "The First Noel". Original selections include "A Wiseman's Carol", "Christmas in Heaven", "Everybody has a Guardian Angel", and more. There are 13 songs altogether.

This is a wonderful project from a very talented group of singers. I recommend that you listen to them, and try to get to one of their live performances.

Visit to learn more.

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Eileen Carr: A Mother, A Child

November 8, 2009

Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

Eileen Carr's newest CD is her third album since 1980. That album was called Gentle Friends. Then in 1999 she released Pax. Now she brings out this spectacular CD for Christmas entitled A Mother, A Child.

Now, this CD includes some of the Latin hymns from Pax, like Panis Angelicus, Ave Verum Corpus, and Dona Nobis Pacem, as well as Christmas favorites What Child is This, Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, O Holy Night,, as well as the title track, A Mother, A Child. There are 11 tracks altogether.

I was very impressed with the quality of the recording and with Eileen's voice. She gives the songs a quiet beauty and strength that shows the faith that guides her to record this music. One of the difficulties in receiving music in radio is that I often get cd's that promise beauty but fall short. No such problem with this CD. The songs sound great--I would be happy to put this CD in my car and crank the volume up!

Visit to learn more about Eileen and her music.

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The Interior Castle: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

November 8, 2009

Reviewed by Jim Logue, Jr.

One thing I have learned. . .when a new CD by The Interior Castle shows up, drop everything and listen!

The Interior Castle is made of five members of the Mazzei family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Francine, Theresa, Loretta, and Michael (all brother and sisters), and their Mom, Edith.

With such exquisite five-part harmonies, they take on classical standards like And the Glory of the Lord by George Frederick Handel; Latin hymns such as Adeste Fidelis and O Sanctissima, Italian songs like Dormi Non Piangere, and original composition like Holy Child and the title track, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

This is yet another CD that I enjoy in my car nice and loud. The instrumentation on the Interior Castle's CD's is superb, and the harmonies are perfect. Not a note out of place. As a musician, I know what it sounds like if one voice is off even just slightly. It's like petting a dog the wrong way. That does not happen on this or any of the Castle's albums. The harmonies are absolutely perfect, according to my ears.

Visit to learn more about The Interior Castle and their music and their music studio in Pittsburgh, Pa.

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