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Easter Devotions for Busy People:
Spend 5 minutes a day during the 40 days of the Easter Season
leading up to Pentecost

Take 5 minutes each day during this season of Lent to reflect upon your life and the life of our Lord.

Presented in this blog will be a wonderful podcast known as THEOSIS, originally presented for Lent of 2006 by Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, host of Catholic: Under the Hood presented by SQPN. Each day during Lent a 5 to 7 minute episode will be made available on an easy-to-use player with notes to go along with it. Each episode ends with the prayer of St. Ephrem (see below).

And, each Friday, a special 5 minute video going through the Stations of the Cross will be presented.

On occasion, an appropriate song will be made available the player.

ABOUT THE DAILY PODCAST: THEOSIS presents Lent from the Eastern/Byzantine point of view. There are several Eastern Catholic Churches, among them the Melkites and Maronites. I found this podcast to be life-changing and look forward to listening to them again during this Lent with you. You can leave comments regarding the podcast after the post.
Click here to go directly to the podcast.

What is THEOSIS?
Let us become like Christ, since he became like us. Let us become gods for his sake, since for our sakes he
became human. He took upon himself the worst, so that he might give us the best. He became poor that we, through his poverty, might become rich. He became a slave so that we might regain our freedom. He descended so that we might be exalted. He was tempted so that we might be victorious. He was shamed so that he might glorify us. He died so that he might save us. He ascended so that he might draw us who were in the depths of sin up to himself. Let us give and offer all to him who fully gave himself as a ransom and redemption for us. For no one, understanding this Mystery, can give anything but oneself and become for his sake all that he became for ours. Saint Gregory Nazianzen

Easter Prayer
Christ is risen from the dead, trampling out our death by death, and upon those in the tombs, bestowing life. Amen.

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The Daily Mass Readings and Meditations

For the readings of the day and meditations on them, visit The Word Among Us website. I start each day using this tool to meditate and pray on the readings of the day. My spiritual director clued me into this, informing me that it was a good way to participate in the mass with the whole Catholic community, even if I couldn't physically be there.

Click on the "Meditations" link to get to the meditation and readings of the day.

Another terrific resource is the USCCB website. There you will find the daily readings in text and audio formats, and you can watch a video meditation.

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The Rosary

The Rosary was introduced to me through the example of a brave and faith-filled young woman, Marietta Tierney Waite, who, before dying of AIDS, returned with vigor and zeal to Jesus and Mary. The rosary sustained her and strengthened her through her immense sufferings. Her story is told in "The Story in Her Eyes," found on my Teach Me to Love  CD. The rosary is the cornerstone of my prayer life and through it I have found strength, faith, and many graces.

Learn to pray the rosary:

Sing your rosary prayers - find out more about singing your rosary at

Click here to watch a video of Susan singing the rosary prayers.

Another great resource is the Rosary Army website

Chaplet of Divine Mercy
(best prayed at 3pm daily)

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy
was given to Blessed Faustina
by Jesus in a vision and she
was instructed to teach this
prayer to the world as a most
effective means of praying for
the conversion of sinners.
Blessed Faustina is a key
example to me and her
writings have helped to
explain the meaning to
suffering to me, and
demonstrated the great love of Jesus revealed through His
Divine Mercy.

Learn to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy:

Sing the "Jesus Prayer"

I love to sing this rendition of the Jesus Prayer before singing my rosary. Click here to download the prayer. The composer of this song is Chuck Stevens. He has two podcasts with wonderful meditations - visit his website at and click on Podcasts.

The Angelus

The Angel of the Lord declared unto
Mary and she conceived of His Spirit.
One Hail Mary

Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it
done to me according to Your Will.
One Hail Mary

The Word became flesh and dwelt
among us.
One Hail Mary

Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God
That we may be made worthy of the
promises of Christ.

Pour forth, we beseech You, O Lord,
Your grace into our hearts, that we to
whom the incarnation of Christ, Your
Son, was made known by the message of
an angel, may, by His Passion and
Cross, be brought to the glory of His
resurrection. Through the same Christ,
our Lord. Amen.


Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary,
that never was it known
that anyone who fled to your protection,
implored your help or sought your intercession,
was left unaided.
Inspired with this confidence,
I fly to you, Oh Virgin of Virgins, my Mother;
to you do I come,
before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful.
O Mother of the Word Incarnate,
despise not my petitions,
but in your mercy hear and answer me.

Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux,The Little Flower

Click here to pray this novena for nine days, and St. Therese will send you a rose to let you know that she heard and interceded for you. St. Therese has heard countless prayers from me and has been a tremendous source of comfort for me in times of stress and trouble.

My thanks to the Teresian Carmelite Community of Worcester, MA for this novena.

Go here to learn more about St. Therese:

Sacred Space

Go to this website: for beautiful daily prayer mediations on the Gospel reading of the day. It takes just a few minutes but it really helps you to focus on the Lord.

Spiritual Writings GO BACK TO THE TOP

To the Priests:
Our Lady's
Beloved Sons

Don Stefano Gobbi's interior locutions from the Blessed Virgin Mary are compiled in this book and have touched my life in a profound way. The Blessed Virgin is a pivitol figure in my spiritual development, molding me in simplicity and humility (which I oftentimes don't live up to) and teaching me how to pray through song. My music ministry is consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. "Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved spouse."

Learn about the Marian Movement of Priests:

Participate in a rosary cenacle by listening to the
Marian Cenacle Rosary Podcast. Just click on the episode you want to listen to in this player:

Divine Mercy in
My Soul

This book is a remarkably candid diary from Blessed
Faustina concerning her messages from Jesus and her
extraordinary vision which produced the painting of Jesus, represented as the Divine Mercy (see above). Blessed Faustina has also had a profound influence on my life. When I read her diary, I felt for the first time like all the deepest secrets of my soul had been put down on paper for me to read, and I felt understood. I found reading her diary to be a very prayerful experience.

Learn about Blessed Faustina:

Eastern/Byzantine Influences GO BACK TO THE TOP

Several years ago, my husband, Rich, decided to join the Melkite Catholic Church. The Melkite Church is one of many Catholic churches which are Eastern/Byzantine in their traditions. Icons, chant, language pregant with meaning - all these things, and more, describe the Eastern Church. It is a beautiful part of the Catholic Church, one which Pope John Paul II referred to with his comment of allowing the Church to breathe through "both lungs." Vatican II strongly encouraged the Byzantine Churches to restore and practice their ancient traditions. Their Divine Liturgy was written by St. John Chrysostom (they also use one by St. Basil the Great on special occasions).

Here is more information on the Melkite Church and the Divine Liturgy.

Rich felt called to be a deacon in the Melkite Church and received his first blessing as Reader and Sub-Deacon in October of 2008. Here is an article about that occasion.

And here is a slide show about that wonderful day:



The Ancient Faith website has proven to be a constant companion for both Rich and myself. They have beautiful music 24 hours a day plus many, many wonderful podcasts.

Listen to them at

Favorite Icons
Here are my 3 favorite icons: from L to R, Our Lady of Perpetual Help (the name of my husband's parish),
Rublev's Trinity, and Jesus as Teacher.

Glorious Choral Chant
I love chant from the Orthodox Church and this chant in particular is from the Ukranian Orthodox Church. It is very different and really makes me think of heaven. Visit for a sample from the Kiev Seminary Choir.

Mother Teresa GO BACK TO THE TOP

I have been developing a devotion to Mother Teresa, particularly since I discovered writings about her spiritual life. I have a website about Mother Teresa which, among other things, lists songs dedicated to her - visit it here.

Here's an article I first read back in 2003 which revealed, for the first time, Mother's dark night of the soul.

I have two songs about Mother Teresa that you can listen to:
Teach Me to Love
Something Beautiful

Lenten and Easter Observances GO BACK TO THE TOP

Lenten Prayer - Prayer of Saint Ephrem

The Prayer of Saint Ephrem is said three times a day [except Saturdays and Sundays, which are relaxed days] during the time of Lent by the Eastern Christian.

Prayer of Saint Ephrem O Lord and Master of my life, Keep from me the spirit of discouragement, carelessness, covetousness, and vain words. Grant me, Your servant, the spirit of purity, humility, patience, and love. May my Lord and King grant that I might see my own sins and not judge my brother and sister, for You are blessed forever and ever.  Amen.

Of all the various observances of Lent and Easter I have followed, this website has offered the most meaningful reflections. It is called Theosis and it is the Eastern, or Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church's version of Lent that is observed. This site contains daily short podcasts with wonderful reflections, plus prayers and other information, and videos on various icons. Please visit at

Note that this podcast was made in 2006. The start date for Lent of 2009 is the podcast of March 1st.


Join this forum (click on the Register link in upper right hand corner - you'll need to scroll over to the right) and then add your prayer requests. Please share, too, answered prayers and blessings received because of this forum. You are also welcome to write me at [email protected] and I will post your prayer requests for you.