Music Videos

Elizabeth Schmeidler: The Choice.

Elizabeth Schmeidler: Let The Healing Begin.

Elizabeth Schmeidler: My Voice.

Samson Reddy & Harshad Shinde: Yahweh, I Know You Are Near.

Matthew Baute: Hold Me, Lord.

Sal Solo: We Cry Justice - official trailer.

Sal Solo: We Cry Justice - at NCYC 2009.

Gerard Faucheux: How Can You Think of Me.

Gerard Faucheux: Let The Praise Begin.

Matt DiFilippo and Fr. Kent O'Connor: Jubilee.

Nick Alexander: This Time of Forty Days.

Interstate Batteries: God's Love.

Susan Bailey: How Advent Saved My Christmas, Part 1.

Susan Bailey: How Advent Saved My Christmas, Part 2.

SpiritJuice peform Advent.

Angelina peforms Jesus, I Trust in You.

David A Vogel and Dana peform I Will Pledge This Song to You.

David A Vogel peforms Eyes of the Heart, a tribute song for Terri Schiavo.

David A Vogel peforms Song of the Brightness of Water, from a live concert in Warsaw, Poland at the Castle Square, October 11, 2009.

Noelle Garcia peforms Song For Our Soldiers from her new CD, Set The World On Fire

The Glenn Mohr Chorale peforms Christmas in Heaven from their new Christmas CD, The Star Still Shines

Susan Bailey performs Under My Immaculate Mantle.

Glenn Mohr Chorale rehearsing for upcoming concerts in Rome, Boston, and Lincoln Center in New York.

Susan Bailey interviews ValLimar Jansen in Westboro, Mass.

Margo B Smith: Precious Unborn Child


Miriam Sielicka: Image and Likeness

Sean Clive: The Everlasting

Ceili Rain: Stomp

Ceili Rain: Jigorous (live)

Sal Solo: San Damiano

Dan Duet w/ Matt Di Filippo, Fr. Kent O'Connor, & Eric Scott Boltz: The Road That Leads to Peace

Veronica Morrissey: Behold The Cross

Aubrey Quintero: Forgiveness